Dec 31, 2012

#IMAGINE with Super Junior

1 #IMAGINE u had a fight with Heechul before bcoz he was so playful that he accidentally spilled coffee onto your ipad. But today Heechul come to ur house with a present in his hand.

Hee: Baby, Im so sorry...will u forgive me? (he has a sorry face and hand in u the present as he walks into your living room)

You take the present and open the box. It’s the similar ipad that got damaged before.

U: Oh… u shouldn't have (cynically). U know I’ll always forgive u no matter what (boiling inside).
Hee: Really? Thanks^^ That’s why I love u so much! (^__^)
U: (Stares at him) Yah! Do u think I’ll forgive u that easy?? That ipad was given by my sister!!
Hee: YAHH! U shout at me???!! (rounded eyes)
U: YES! So what?!!
Hee: Give me back that ipad! I wanna sell it back! (tries to grab the ipad from your hand)
U: No way! (hid it behind your back)
Hee: Give me back!!!

As u and Heechul fight for that ipad, he slips his leg and both of u fall onto the couch. And now he’s on top of u!

Hee: (smirk) Will u forgive me or not?
U: No!
Hee: (grabs your wrist and close his face to yours) Will u for give me or not…? (smirk with evil laughs)
U: Ok ok I’ll forgive u. Now get off from me!
Hee: (peck your lips) Hahaha~~~ thank u baby ♥ XD

2 #IMAGINE Eunhyuk is your boyfriend. It has been a while since u meet him so u text him a message.

U: Oppa, I miss u…
Hyuk: Mianhae.. im super bz…
U: Don’t u miss me? Fine. If u comes to me, I’ll ignore u!

Suddenly some1 ring your door bell - *ding dong*. As u open the door, Eunhyuk is in front of your eyes! 

U: Oppa!!! (hug him tightly)
Hyuk: Didn’t u said u wanna ignore me? (laughs) I miss u more baby~~ (hug u back)
U: Urgh! I hate u! (hug him even more tightly)
Hyuk: Hahaha XD but I love u ♥ ♥ ♥


3 #IMAGINE Donghae visits u. It’s a little bit awkward coz u never been alone with any man at home.

U: Oppa, do u want some coffee? (u try to break the awkwardness)
Hae: No, thanks :)
U: Er... cookies then?
Hae: It’s ok. Im already eaten.
U: u want anything? I’ll get it for u. (as u turn around to go to the kitchen, Donghae grabs your hand).
Hae: Bb, I want u… can I? (with naughty smile)


4 #IMAGINE Yesung is your boyfriend but u see him with another woman. You thought he cheats on u so u attacks him at the subway.

U: Oppa~~ how dare u~~ :’( (Hot tears starts rolling on ur cheeks) We haven’t seen each other for so long n I’ve been missing u so badly!!! I thought u bz but u have another woman? I hate u, oppa! I hate U!
Yeye: But…
U: No need to explain! (u cut him off. u crying so bad coz u feel really hurts) Im gonna tell the world that u cheat on me! Im gonna -----

Suddenly Yesung grabs your waist n kiss ur lips so roughly until u out of breath!

Yeye: Are u done talking baby? (stares your eyes with straight face)

U: Er… d—done (u still in shock).
Yeye: Yeobu~~ (rubs tears on your cheeks and smiles) She’s my youngest aunt…my lovely aunt :)
U: What? O_o!
Yeye: Yup! Happy? My love only for u (smiles) If u accuse n nag like just now, I’ll kiss u again. HARDER!

5 #IMAGINE u’re visiting Leeteuk at military camp. U sit together on bench and u cant stop looking at him.

Teuk: Bb, am I too tan? (bitter laughs)
U: Oppa, I miss u so much~~ :’(
Teuk: I miss u too ~ u look prettier than before ♥
U: Tq…but oppa, why u look so thin? Is it hard here?
Teuk: No… it’s not hard living here. It’s just hard living without u~
U: Oh oppa~ I love u~~ ♥ :’( (hugs)
Teuk: I love u more honey :’)

I miss him ~~ :’(

6 #IMAGINE u’re watching a movie with Siwon and there’s a romantic scene causing u a little nervous & uncomfortable. Suddenly Siwon holds your right hand.

Won: Love, don’t be nervous, Im here. (his eyes still on screen)
U: Is it obvious?
Won: Yes :) 

U can see he's smiling and u try to be calm Unconsciously u holds Siwon’s hand even more tightly.

U: Oppa, I really cant watch romantic movies. I get nervous easily. U know that, rite?
Won: I know~ (smiles) But I want u to watch this (he smiles with full of doubtful meanings)
U: But why?
Won: To make u learn for us, of course (n__n)
U: For us? Oppa~~~ (♥___♥)

Slowly Siwon gets closer to u. His lips comes so near to your ears that u can hear he’s breathing warmly. That makes u shivers more! Then he whispers softly.

Won: Baby, will u marry me? ♥ ♥ ♥


7 #IMAGINE after having a date with Sungmin, he drives u home. It still early but Sungmin has schedule so u have to cancel some other plans.

U: Oppa can’t u make excuses? I really wanna spend more time with u…
Min: Aish..u know it’s not good to tell lies.
U: Em… (pout) :’(
Min: Hmm… (pout to tease u) :D
U: Oppa u so mean~~ ;;>_<;;
Min: Ok ok.. mianhae~~ (kiss your hand) I’ll call u before I sleep,ok?
U: Ok~~ :(
Min: Smile pls…or else Im not gonna give u a special gift.
U: A special gift? (^_^) (Just hearing the word gift, u already smile brightly ^^) What is it oppa?
Min: Close ur eyes.

Immediately you close ur eyes. Slowly Sungmin kisses ur cheeks and then moves to your lips. Your face feels really hot out of all sudden and your eyes now widely open in disbelief.

Min: (palm your face) I love u, bb ♥ You’ll wait for me rite?


8 #IMAGINE u played video games with Kyuhyun but u always lose to him.

U: I told u I’ll never win! U’re too good! (pout)
Kyu: Hahaha~~ im too good rite? (evil laughs)
U: oppa u so mean! (pout again) I don’t wanna play anymore!
Kyu: Ah~ don’t be like this. Lets play for the last time. I’ll pretend to lose, ok? (with aegyo smile)
U: Shiro! (sulking)

Seeing u sulking, Kyuhyun come closer to u and palm his hands onto ur cheeks.

Kyu: Bb, tho u never win over me in video games, but u always win my heart (kiss ur forehead) ♥ No more sulking, ok?


9 #IMAGINE one day u got a fever. Ryeowook cooks u some porridge and brings it to your house.

U: Thank u oppa~~ ♥ This is so delicious!
Wook: Really? Eat more, eat more! Get well soon darling, ok? (touch your hair softly)
U: Ok ^^, But it’s good to fall sick, rite? I’ll always get to taste your tasty foods :)
Wook: Yah~ don’t u know how worried I am? (straight face). If u want foods, I can always cook for u! In future when u pregnant, I’ll forbid u from kitchen, arraso?
U: I am what? (u nearly chokes the porridge at ur throat!)
Wook: Why? Don’t u want to get pregnant of my children?

*chokes for real* XDDD

10 #IMAGINE u and Kibum are going to a party. Everyone looks at you. And they are greatly charmed with Kibum. But u overheard some girls conversation n it's hurt...

Girl1: Wow he's handsome. But who's that girl?
Girl2: His sister, maybe? 
Girl3: Or maid? hahaha~ (3 of them laughs)

U: Tssk! Oppa! Lets go back. I hate this place. They think I'm your maid!

But Kibum is not saying a word. You feel very pisses off. You are supposed to go out (angrily) when he suddenly grabs your hand and kisses u in front of the crowd and says...

Kibum: Hello everyone (smirks). This my girlfriend...... and no one will ever hurt her feelings!!
U: Oppa~~~ n _ n (blush)

♥ ♥ ♥

11 #IMAGINE u go snow boarding with Shindong but u fall on a slope by your own careless. Shindong hurries to get u with a panic face.

Dong: Baby are u alrite?
U: Yes, im alrite :) (shy of your own carelessness)
Dong: Aish.. u should be more care full... (pulls u up)
U: Ouch!!! Oppa i think i cant get up~~ :/ (feeling pain on your left ankle)
Dong: What? Did u hurt anywhere?
U: (pointing your left ankle). 
Dong: Come on, let me piggy bag u. 

Shindong having his back in front of u and bend his leg to let u get on him. But u so shy to get on him so u hesitate a lil bit (--,).

Dong: Yah! Why u not get on me?
U: Oppa, i might be heavy~~~
Dong: Im heavier! Now just get on my back! It's freezing!

So u tries to get on Shindong's back. However u not able to balance yourself causing both of u fall on the snow! Now u are lying on the snow besides Shindong.

U: (laughs) Sorry oppa i told u im heavy~

Unexpectedly Shindong pulls u a lil bit causing u to roll on him!

Dong: No, baby. U are so light ^,^ (peck your lips) XD

And all the pain suddenly gone :D

12 #IMAGINE u unexpectedly meet your ex-boyfriend, Kangin at a beach. U feel a bit awkward but Kangin seems really happy to meet u. Honestly u really miss him but u pretend u are not. Both of u decided to broke up 2 years ago bcoz he needed to enlist.

Kangin: Minnie!! What are u doing here? (Minnie was your couple name with Kangin as he was the Mickey :D)
U: Ah oppa please dont call me that~~ Im having my vacation alone. Oppa?
Kangin: Me too! Hmm.. why u look even more beautiful after 2 years whereas Im gaining fat. Hahaha~
U: Hahaha (awkward laugh)
Kangin: Oh god I miss u! I tried to contact u but u change ur phone number rite?

You nod n ur face feeling hot in shy after hearing Kangin still misses u. However, u feel like u shouldnt stay any longer before your true feeling exposes.

U: Oppa I need to go.. my.. friend.. yes, my friend must be looking for me. See u again! (as u turn around to escape, Kangin grabs your hand)
Kangin: Didnt u said, u are having vacation alone?? (he caught u lied!)
U: Did I? (feeling nervous, ur forehead starts sweating)
Kangin: (hugs u) Babe, I know u still love me.. and I love u too. Can we start again?

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