Dec 31, 2012

#IMAGINE with Super Junior

1 #IMAGINE u had a fight with Heechul before bcoz he was so playful that he accidentally spilled coffee onto your ipad. But today Heechul come to ur house with a present in his hand.

Hee: Baby, Im so sorry...will u forgive me? (he has a sorry face and hand in u the present as he walks into your living room)

You take the present and open the box. It’s the similar ipad that got damaged before.

U: Oh… u shouldn't have (cynically). U know I’ll always forgive u no matter what (boiling inside).
Hee: Really? Thanks^^ That’s why I love u so much! (^__^)
U: (Stares at him) Yah! Do u think I’ll forgive u that easy?? That ipad was given by my sister!!
Hee: YAHH! U shout at me???!! (rounded eyes)
U: YES! So what?!!
Hee: Give me back that ipad! I wanna sell it back! (tries to grab the ipad from your hand)
U: No way! (hid it behind your back)
Hee: Give me back!!!

As u and Heechul fight for that ipad, he slips his leg and both of u fall onto the couch. And now he’s on top of u!

Hee: (smirk) Will u forgive me or not?
U: No!
Hee: (grabs your wrist and close his face to yours) Will u for give me or not…? (smirk with evil laughs)
U: Ok ok I’ll forgive u. Now get off from me!
Hee: (peck your lips) Hahaha~~~ thank u baby ♥ XD

2 #IMAGINE Eunhyuk is your boyfriend. It has been a while since u meet him so u text him a message.

U: Oppa, I miss u…
Hyuk: Mianhae.. im super bz…
U: Don’t u miss me? Fine. If u comes to me, I’ll ignore u!

Suddenly some1 ring your door bell - *ding dong*. As u open the door, Eunhyuk is in front of your eyes! 

U: Oppa!!! (hug him tightly)
Hyuk: Didn’t u said u wanna ignore me? (laughs) I miss u more baby~~ (hug u back)
U: Urgh! I hate u! (hug him even more tightly)
Hyuk: Hahaha XD but I love u ♥ ♥ ♥


3 #IMAGINE Donghae visits u. It’s a little bit awkward coz u never been alone with any man at home.

U: Oppa, do u want some coffee? (u try to break the awkwardness)
Hae: No, thanks :)
U: Er... cookies then?
Hae: It’s ok. Im already eaten.
U: u want anything? I’ll get it for u. (as u turn around to go to the kitchen, Donghae grabs your hand).
Hae: Bb, I want u… can I? (with naughty smile)


4 #IMAGINE Yesung is your boyfriend but u see him with another woman. You thought he cheats on u so u attacks him at the subway.

U: Oppa~~ how dare u~~ :’( (Hot tears starts rolling on ur cheeks) We haven’t seen each other for so long n I’ve been missing u so badly!!! I thought u bz but u have another woman? I hate u, oppa! I hate U!
Yeye: But…
U: No need to explain! (u cut him off. u crying so bad coz u feel really hurts) Im gonna tell the world that u cheat on me! Im gonna -----

Suddenly Yesung grabs your waist n kiss ur lips so roughly until u out of breath!

Yeye: Are u done talking baby? (stares your eyes with straight face)

U: Er… d—done (u still in shock).
Yeye: Yeobu~~ (rubs tears on your cheeks and smiles) She’s my youngest aunt…my lovely aunt :)
U: What? O_o!
Yeye: Yup! Happy? My love only for u (smiles) If u accuse n nag like just now, I’ll kiss u again. HARDER!

5 #IMAGINE u’re visiting Leeteuk at military camp. U sit together on bench and u cant stop looking at him.

Teuk: Bb, am I too tan? (bitter laughs)
U: Oppa, I miss u so much~~ :’(
Teuk: I miss u too ~ u look prettier than before ♥
U: Tq…but oppa, why u look so thin? Is it hard here?
Teuk: No… it’s not hard living here. It’s just hard living without u~
U: Oh oppa~ I love u~~ ♥ :’( (hugs)
Teuk: I love u more honey :’)

I miss him ~~ :’(

6 #IMAGINE u’re watching a movie with Siwon and there’s a romantic scene causing u a little nervous & uncomfortable. Suddenly Siwon holds your right hand.

Won: Love, don’t be nervous, Im here. (his eyes still on screen)
U: Is it obvious?
Won: Yes :) 

U can see he's smiling and u try to be calm Unconsciously u holds Siwon’s hand even more tightly.

U: Oppa, I really cant watch romantic movies. I get nervous easily. U know that, rite?
Won: I know~ (smiles) But I want u to watch this (he smiles with full of doubtful meanings)
U: But why?
Won: To make u learn for us, of course (n__n)
U: For us? Oppa~~~ (♥___♥)

Slowly Siwon gets closer to u. His lips comes so near to your ears that u can hear he’s breathing warmly. That makes u shivers more! Then he whispers softly.

Won: Baby, will u marry me? ♥ ♥ ♥


7 #IMAGINE after having a date with Sungmin, he drives u home. It still early but Sungmin has schedule so u have to cancel some other plans.

U: Oppa can’t u make excuses? I really wanna spend more time with u…
Min: Aish..u know it’s not good to tell lies.
U: Em… (pout) :’(
Min: Hmm… (pout to tease u) :D
U: Oppa u so mean~~ ;;>_<;;
Min: Ok ok.. mianhae~~ (kiss your hand) I’ll call u before I sleep,ok?
U: Ok~~ :(
Min: Smile pls…or else Im not gonna give u a special gift.
U: A special gift? (^_^) (Just hearing the word gift, u already smile brightly ^^) What is it oppa?
Min: Close ur eyes.

Immediately you close ur eyes. Slowly Sungmin kisses ur cheeks and then moves to your lips. Your face feels really hot out of all sudden and your eyes now widely open in disbelief.

Min: (palm your face) I love u, bb ♥ You’ll wait for me rite?


8 #IMAGINE u played video games with Kyuhyun but u always lose to him.

U: I told u I’ll never win! U’re too good! (pout)
Kyu: Hahaha~~ im too good rite? (evil laughs)
U: oppa u so mean! (pout again) I don’t wanna play anymore!
Kyu: Ah~ don’t be like this. Lets play for the last time. I’ll pretend to lose, ok? (with aegyo smile)
U: Shiro! (sulking)

Seeing u sulking, Kyuhyun come closer to u and palm his hands onto ur cheeks.

Kyu: Bb, tho u never win over me in video games, but u always win my heart (kiss ur forehead) ♥ No more sulking, ok?


9 #IMAGINE one day u got a fever. Ryeowook cooks u some porridge and brings it to your house.

U: Thank u oppa~~ ♥ This is so delicious!
Wook: Really? Eat more, eat more! Get well soon darling, ok? (touch your hair softly)
U: Ok ^^, But it’s good to fall sick, rite? I’ll always get to taste your tasty foods :)
Wook: Yah~ don’t u know how worried I am? (straight face). If u want foods, I can always cook for u! In future when u pregnant, I’ll forbid u from kitchen, arraso?
U: I am what? (u nearly chokes the porridge at ur throat!)
Wook: Why? Don’t u want to get pregnant of my children?

*chokes for real* XDDD

10 #IMAGINE u and Kibum are going to a party. Everyone looks at you. And they are greatly charmed with Kibum. But u overheard some girls conversation n it's hurt...

Girl1: Wow he's handsome. But who's that girl?
Girl2: His sister, maybe? 
Girl3: Or maid? hahaha~ (3 of them laughs)

U: Tssk! Oppa! Lets go back. I hate this place. They think I'm your maid!

But Kibum is not saying a word. You feel very pisses off. You are supposed to go out (angrily) when he suddenly grabs your hand and kisses u in front of the crowd and says...

Kibum: Hello everyone (smirks). This my girlfriend...... and no one will ever hurt her feelings!!
U: Oppa~~~ n _ n (blush)

♥ ♥ ♥

11 #IMAGINE u go snow boarding with Shindong but u fall on a slope by your own careless. Shindong hurries to get u with a panic face.

Dong: Baby are u alrite?
U: Yes, im alrite :) (shy of your own carelessness)
Dong: Aish.. u should be more care full... (pulls u up)
U: Ouch!!! Oppa i think i cant get up~~ :/ (feeling pain on your left ankle)
Dong: What? Did u hurt anywhere?
U: (pointing your left ankle). 
Dong: Come on, let me piggy bag u. 

Shindong having his back in front of u and bend his leg to let u get on him. But u so shy to get on him so u hesitate a lil bit (--,).

Dong: Yah! Why u not get on me?
U: Oppa, i might be heavy~~~
Dong: Im heavier! Now just get on my back! It's freezing!

So u tries to get on Shindong's back. However u not able to balance yourself causing both of u fall on the snow! Now u are lying on the snow besides Shindong.

U: (laughs) Sorry oppa i told u im heavy~

Unexpectedly Shindong pulls u a lil bit causing u to roll on him!

Dong: No, baby. U are so light ^,^ (peck your lips) XD

And all the pain suddenly gone :D

12 #IMAGINE u unexpectedly meet your ex-boyfriend, Kangin at a beach. U feel a bit awkward but Kangin seems really happy to meet u. Honestly u really miss him but u pretend u are not. Both of u decided to broke up 2 years ago bcoz he needed to enlist.

Kangin: Minnie!! What are u doing here? (Minnie was your couple name with Kangin as he was the Mickey :D)
U: Ah oppa please dont call me that~~ Im having my vacation alone. Oppa?
Kangin: Me too! Hmm.. why u look even more beautiful after 2 years whereas Im gaining fat. Hahaha~
U: Hahaha (awkward laugh)
Kangin: Oh god I miss u! I tried to contact u but u change ur phone number rite?

You nod n ur face feeling hot in shy after hearing Kangin still misses u. However, u feel like u shouldnt stay any longer before your true feeling exposes.

U: Oppa I need to go.. my.. friend.. yes, my friend must be looking for me. See u again! (as u turn around to escape, Kangin grabs your hand)
Kangin: Didnt u said, u are having vacation alone?? (he caught u lied!)
U: Did I? (feeling nervous, ur forehead starts sweating)
Kangin: (hugs u) Babe, I know u still love me.. and I love u too. Can we start again?

Nov 24, 2012

Caramel My Life ^,^

Lalala~~~ I made this today! Neomu massita! ^^ Cuba la buat sendiri, senang je! ^^


5 sudu besar gula halus
2 sudu besar air

3 biji telur
2 biji kuning telur
5 sudu besar gula halus
1 tin (400 ml) susu sejat
2 sudu kecil esen vanila

Cara membuatnya:


1. Cairkan gula dengan 1 sudu besar air dalam kuali. Kacau sampai gula sedikit perang. Tambah lagi 1 sudu besar air dan kacau samapi perang. Awas jangan sampai hangus!

2. Tuang caramel dalam loyang acuan dengan segera. Caramel akan mengeras. Ketepikan loyang.


1. Kacau semua telur dengan perlahan dan masukkan gula sedikit demi sedikit. Kacau perlahan-lahan jangan sampai berbuih.

2. Panaskan susu sejat sehingga 60'c (suam). Jangan sampai mendidih! Kacau bersama esen vanila.

3. Tuang susu perlahan-lahan ke dalam campuran telur dan gula. Kacau sebati.

4. Tuang semua campuran ke dalam acuan berisi caramel tadi. Tutup acuan dengan 2 lapis aluminium foil. Kukus selama 30 minit.

5. Lepas kukus, biarkan 5-10 minit kemudian baru buka aluminium foil. Simpan dalam peti sejuk.

Dah sejuk? Siap untuk dimakan! Hehehe... selamat mencuba! ^_^

2012 Year End Desktop Calendar

Nov 19, 2012

Eunhyuk-IU Selca :(


That day IU came to Hyuk's house for whatever reason (her pajamas can be 

casual top too rite?). When she arrived, Hyuk was sleeping on the couch. As 

we know they were close, IU maybe woke him up and just for fun, she took 

selca with sleepy Hyuk.

I consider IU came to Hyukppa house coz I believe I saw she sling a handbag 

on her shoulder. Plus,the couch seems similar with the one at Hyukppa house 

which aired in Star Life Theater. 

Furthermore, if Hyukppa was at IU house,why should he slept on someone's 

couch (i said slept bcoz i can see eye wax in Hyukppa eyes) while visiting 

someone who said was sick? (Loen Ent explanation totally ridiculous after 


To prove that IU came to Hyukppa's house that day, a netizen (who suddenly 

became a CIA agent-LOL) already posted the reflection image inside IU's eye 

which showing lamps at Hyukppa's house.

Conclusion: For the above explanation, i can say that IU/LoenEnt lied bcoz 

she felt ashamed of being wearing pajamas to someone's house (as she 

already posted her top as pajamas 60days before). So she said Hyuk came to 

her house when she was sick.

I dont to blame IU/LoenEnt but as to prove my innocent Hyukjae oppa, I 

believe my version here is almost 100% true.

I am ELF n will be forever protecting & believing my oppadeul. If they did 

mistake they will instantly apologize. Fyi, they even did apologize for 

others' mistakes too. Coz their heart is full of pure love n sincerity.


Last night.. i was so scared to fall asleep :'( 

The night before i had a nightmare ><! In that nightmare I saw a news heechul oppa was attacked by a huge snake! Then i watch a fancam showing chul oppa wore exactly like in this pic.he got off from his car n suddenly chased by a huge snake like in anaconda! He ran back into his car but the snake broke the glass n non stop attacking him!! 

As chul oppa strugling, prince manager tried to attack the snake back n chul oppa mange to get away but badly hurt. 

Idk what happened to the mngr but in news, chul oppa still alive n hospitalized. It was really scary to watch srsly! I was crying so bad in my dream like i watch it for real. I even show the vid to my dad D:

This nightmare is crazy! Ide watch any horror movie why did i hv this dream?! Huhu.. Heenim oppa pls stay well n healthy. We love you! :'''(((

Apr 29, 2012

Super Junior and I

In the year 2009, everybody knows Sorry, Sorry. I also heard about Super Junior from Sorry, Sorry. However, during Sorry, Sorry era, I only interested in SS501 because they got handsome Kim Hyun Joong right?


That’s why until now I regret. I kept blaming myself. How come I overlooked into this super awesome Korean group? Why did I so blind and deaf and ignored Sorry, Sorry that time? Stupid me! I should become an ELF earlier!

“Doesn’t matter if you’re not an ELF from the beginning, but the most important is to become an ELF till the end.”

That’s how it works for me to heal myself.

I was first introduced a suju video by my sister, Wany around December 2010. In the video, suju sang Bonamana live with a very lively out loud fan chant (I didn’t even know the fans called ELF that time).

At first, I wasn’t interested at all to watch but since my sister wanted me to watch it, I tried not to disappoint her. After two seconds (yes, after two seconds because I said I wasn’t interested at all), the first thing I said to my sister was: “Nah… they must be miming…” with a boring face.

Ok now my ELFriends going to hate me. But please read my whole story first. Hehe.

Hearing that, my sister quickly turned and stared at me just like evil maknae Kyuhyun always did (Because she’s a Gamers) then she shouted: “WATCH IT TILL IT END BEFORE YOU SAID SOMETHING LIKE THAT!” I was so shocked and it was really scary…hoho… So I just watched quietly besides her.

After the first 20 seconds, guess what? I was like hypnotized by this group! I was immediately fallen in love with Bonamana and their dance moves and their manly-lovely voice! And what fascinating me was that they wasn’t miming at all!

With my jaw dropped, I said to my sister “Oh my God how did they sing and dance really well???! They're so amazing!!!”

With her smirked, my sister answered: “See… I told you to watch first. Now you know why, right?”

Then my sister showed me No Other live concert. In the video, my eyes captured by a SuJu member that looked like a girl and he was really pretty. I wondered why fans shouted crazily at a girl-like man? There must be something about him!

So I started to search more about Super Junior, finding out their profiles and 'accidentally' fell in love with Kim Heechul, that girl-like man! Haha. It's my destiny to fall in love with him right?

"I fell in love with him from No Other live video and I’ll never forget that."

Kim Heechul has complicated personalities to understand. This man isn’t girl-like at all. He just loves to be pretty! He is crazy! He is cute! Being born on 1983, he even aged backwards! Hehe.

Pretty Cinderella

Handsome Kim Heechul

On 1st September 2011, Heechul went for military service and will be back in September 2013. Since he met with an accident in 2006, he just need to undergo public service and live a normal citizen life instead of staying in the military camp. 

We are so lucky to see him every Friday live on air because he become DJ for Sung Dong Cafe radio station as a part of his public service. Aigoo. If you want me to talk about Heechul, there will no end of this post. Haha. I’m so in love with this man <3

Actually, before I knew Kim Heechul, I only recognized Shindong because he’s chubby. Talking about Shindong, that’s another reason why I wanted to know more about SuJu. For SuJu, size doesn’t even matter. They use their talents to stand on stage and ignores what other people want to talk bad about them. But now Shindong is getting more handsome. So, watch out antis!

Until early 2011, it was still hard for me to recognize each SuJu members with their names because there were too many of them. So I downloaded a lot - I mean: A LOT - of pictures of SuJu members. Then I found a group picture with their names on it so I made it as my handphone screen wallpaper. 

"Thanks to this picture editor; because of you I memorized SJ members’ names and faces by heart!"

After watching more videos and reality shows, I never get bored of Super Junior. I learned that their brotherhood is priceless and is real! They love each other so much and cannot be separated because they had gone through so much pain before début and in their early début.

I also learned about SuJu amazing leader, Leeteuk, the best leader for all groups in the world. This fact is undeniable because SuJu has so many members which is 13 and he manages to handle all of them without any fail. Even members agree with the fact that they love and respect Leeteuk so much! 

Leeteuk always shows bright smile even with tight schedule and stressful idol life. Omg. He's going to military service this year...just thinking about this already make me cry! Oppa, please be healthy!

From a group of 12 in 2005, Kyuhyun then joined make SuJu permanent as 13 members. They debut on 6 November 2006 and it has been 6 years now. I was so sad to know that there was an issue between Hankyung, a Chinese SuJu member, with SM Entertainment which made him leave the group. Luckily he is really successful now in China.

Kibum also leave the group because he has passion in acting. Now the active members are only 9 persons because Heechul is in public service and Kangin just come back on 16 April 2012 from military service and wait for official comeback with the other members.

There is also a sub-unit of SuJu called Super Junior-M with two other members which is Zhoumi and Henry. If combine with both of them, there'll be 15 members of SuJu as a family ^^

"No matter what, ELF always promise to believe the 13 members forever, and 15 as a family ^^; "

Super Junior is not just a group of handsome boy that dance and sing for popularity. They really appreciate their fans, EverLasting Friends, and shows their love towards us in their songs, twitter and even press conferences. Number of ELF around the world is not thousands, but millions! And we love each other unconditionally because of Super Junior!

"ELF is the best fandom ever. Our blood is Sapphire Blue and our heart is Super Junior"

This is how my amazing life as a fan girl started and I don't think it's going to end. Become one out of million ELF, I am really proud of it. I met a lot of awesome Malaysian ELFriends like Ct NaDira, Shikin Aziz, Angah Yesung, Fafa Kyunhae, Nurul Jannah, Nisa Elf and others (mianeyo too many to mention here) and also ELFriends from S'pore, Indonesia, London and many more. Now I'm an admin for a page in FB: Super Junior For All and this page receives a lot of love from ELF around the world!

"If I get marry, I'll pass the story of Super Junior to all my children and grandchildren so that they know about this amazing people. Super Junior is not an ordinary singer, but a Great Legend!"

"They teach us to believe in God, to love our parents, family and friends, to work hard in order to success, and to never give up in life even once!"

Live your life to the fullest ^^

Thank You Super Junior!!!

Apr 25, 2012

Part 25: A Complete Mess!

“Afternoon Mam.” 

Sorang2 pekerja tegur aku bila aku lalu depan diorang. Tapi aku wat bodoh je. Walaupun kaki aku menggigil tak larat nak berjalan, aku kena cari Zack.

Kalau la aku dapat cakap kat Zack yang aku nak terima dia, mesti dia happy n demam aku pun mesti terus baik. Lagi pun dah lama Zack cakap nak mulakan hidup baru ngan aku. Aku rasa hari ni la hari yang paling sesuai! Pastu boleh kitorang pegi makan sama2 kan? Perut aku pun dah lapar ni.

“Haitchum!” Strettt…adoi…panasnye mata n hidung aku sekarang ni. Huhu. Jauhnya bilik Zack ni…

On the way aku nak pegi bilik Zack, aku lalu sebelah bilik Maria n aku dengar suara Zack n Maria tengah bertekak dari dalam. Bunyi macam serius je. Huhu. Nak masuk ke tak nak ni? Huhu.

“Dia tak cintakan I!” terkejut aku dengar suara Zack meninggi.

“So? You nak I tinggalkan Fikri n balik kat you? No way! I baru nak bahagia, kenapa you tiba2 jadi macam orang gila ni?!” giliran Maria pulak memekik.

Diorang ni cakap pasal hubungan diorang ke? Bukan ke aritu beria-ia cakap dah tak ada pape???

“Hei, listen here. I suruh you tunggu kan? Tapi kenapa you kawin dengan Fikri?”

Maria mendungus. “I tak sanggup tengok you terus buat Lili macam boneka you!”

“Atau you dah tak percayakan I lagi?” Potong Zack melulu.

“Come on, Zack. Cerita ni dah berbulan2 berlalu. Wake up! Kita dah ada life masing2!” jawab Maria cuba mengelak.

“Maria, please. I masih cintakan you. I dah cuba terima Lily tapi hati I pada you. Even kalau I pandang muka dia, I terbayangkan muka you,”

“What a nonsense, Zack! Stop being ridiculous!"

Ha? Terbayang muka Maria bila pandang aku? Zack, sampai hati kau… Selama ni kau berpura2 ke depan aku???

Kepala aku rasa menggelegak panas. Jantung aku rasa nak meletup. Tiba2 dunia aku jadi gelap ----


“Adam…Zack tipu saya…” pipi aku terasa panas dengan air mata menitis satu persatu.

“Honey, are you ok?” soal satu suara dekat sangat dengan muka aku. Aku paksa angkat kelopak mata yang berat sangat ni. Fikiran aku ligat pikir balik apa yang dah jadi tadi. Aku kat mana ni? Mana Adam?

“Puan, minum air ni. Puan ini demam panas, tadi puan pitam di kantor,” terdengar pulak suara bibik. Aku kat rumah la ni kot…pengsan kat ofis?

Bila aku bukak mata, terus aku terpandang muka Zack yang tak terurus. Dengan jambang tak bercukur...rambut kusut masai... selekeh! Aku cuba bangun n sandar kat kepala katil. Badan aku terasa lemah sangat. Katil yang empuk ni pun aku rasa tak selesa. Aku mimpi mengadu kat Adam ke tadi? Hmm...asal sedih je teringat kat Adam...hohoho...

Eh? Ada jarum tercucuk kat atas lengan tangan kanan aku la. Pastu siap ada sebotol air tergantung kat belah kanan katil. Adoi... mesti masuk air ni.

"Bik, sekarang jam berapa?" soalku sambil buat tak tau kat Zack. Oh! Aku dah ingat! Aku dengar Zack ngan Maria bergadoh...huhu... Lupakan je lah pasal nak soh Zack amek Farid keje ngan dia. Ape lagi pasal nak mulakan hidup baru. Takde maknanya!

"Jam 8.45 malam, puan. Saya ada buat bubur ni, puan makan ya? Jangan lupa makan ubat," pesan bibik sebelum keluar dari bilik. Aku angguk n cuba senyum tanda terima kasih tapi dapat senyum sikit je.

Beberapa saat bilik tidur aku terasa janggal. Aku senyap, Zack pun senyap. Apa lagi yang dia nak kat sini? Berambuslah! Benci! Dasar hipokrit!

"Lily, I'm so sorry..." tiba2 Zack bersuara. Kepala dia betul2 tunduk n langsung tak pandang aku. Cuma tangan dia masih pegang tangan kiri aku kuat sangat2.

Aku diam. Ape aku nak jawab ni?

"Apa yang you dengar kat ofis siang tadi...semuanya betul...tapi... I tak sangka you akan dengar semua tu..." sambung Zack. So what kalau aku tak dengar? Kenapa mesti nak berpura2?!

Pelan2 aku tarik tangan kiri aku dari genggaman dia. "Zack, I dah letih dipermainkan macam ni... Ingatan I belum pulih n you kusutkan lagi keadaan. I rasa..." tiba2 dada aku rasa sebak. Tapi aku kena cakap jugak. Huhu. "I rasa, baik kita berpisah..." air mata aku menitis perlahan. Zack nampak tenang. Betul ke keputusan aku ni???

"Honey, honestly--"

"I dah penat Zack," pintasku.

Zack mengeluh berat. "Hmm.... I pon rasa perkara yang sama... lets...lets just break up..."

"Ha?" Terbuntang jugak la mata aku dengar Zack cakap cmni. Aku ingat dia nak mintak maaf n tak nak tamatkan kahwin kontrak kitorg ni! I'm so being fooled!

"Tapi you jangan risau, ok? Rumah ni, kereta, company n apa2 yang I bagi kat you, semua milik you n I takkan mintak balik," sambung Zack. 
Dia masih ingat aku fikir pasal harta ke???! "I'm truly sorry... I messed up your life. If you wanna kill me right now, I know you have a very concrete reason,"

"Hell yeah.!" Jawab aku sambil ketap gigi menahan geram. Dia ingat dia punya sorry tu boleh kembalikan hidup aku yang dia dah huru-harakan ke?!

"Sorry?" Zack blur sebab tak paham aku mengarut apa.

"Nothing. Ok, fine. We made a good decision then. Zack, could you leave me alone, please," Jawabku berdalih. Aku baring, tarik selimut n terus paling dari Zack. Tak nak aku pandang muka mamat ni lagi! Benci!!!!

Zack macam teragak2 tapi dia bangun jugak. Pelan2 Zack keluar n aku perhatikan je pintu bilik tertutup rapat. Tiba2 mata aku terasa panas. Tekak aku sempit. Yes, I'm crying. Bukan sebab ape yang Zack buat kat aku, tapi.... dah bersedia ke aku nak bergelar widow? NOOOO!!!!!


Apr 3, 2012

120401 Tweet Tweet #SJFOOLS Day ^^

Hi ELFriends! This compilation arranged by I edited some especially inserting pictures and got translations from many ELFriends in Twitter. Hope you enjoy this ^^

Some may ask why do I post this? Because SuJu is daebak! Really! 

1. Heechul pretends to be Sulli f(x) and called Eunhyuk and Ryeowook 'Oppa'!
2. Our leader Leeteuk posted his real number and got hundreds of calls and texts!
3. Picture battles between Eunhyuk, Donghae and Ryeowook ^^
4. Ryeowook said he's going to Paris today!
5. Eunhyuk said he's going to complete his solo album recording!
6. Donghae reveals his room and it is full of SJ posters!!!
7. Jonghyun Shinee became Amber to 'Sulli' and even BoA admit SuJu got different scale ^^

What's more ELFreinds? 1, 2, 3... start! Kekeke ~~~

special1004: Start from today I'm quitting Twitter. I enjoyed it for all of the time..

@ryeong9: I’m at Incheon Airport ^^ Will do SS4 in Paris well and come back~~~ Leaving the country soon~~ See you in a few hours sigh I’m sleepy, I should sleep

@Heedictator: Hello! It’s f(x)’s Sulli!ㅎㅎ

@ryeong9: Thank you to the fans who came to the airport ^^Shyly, here’s one shot of myself

@Heedictator: @ryeong9 Ryeowook-oppa! Cook me food!

@AllRiseSilver: About to record the last part of my solo album!

@Heedictator: Everyone~ Nice to meet you~ Although it’s spring, the weather is still really cold right!? Please please be sure to layer up well and be careful of sicknessㅠㅠ This is probably our school uniform(?)… or something! It’s been ages since graduation, so hehehehe

@Heedictator: You’re saying it’s April Fools today, right?! Then you can’t play pranks on others or deceive others!! People will get hurt, noㅠㅠ

@Heedictator: @AllRiseSilver Eunhyuk-oppa!!

@special1004: My number is 0101-4460-1 ____
@special1004: 0101-4460-1117
@special1004: Within 5 minutes, I got 200 callsㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
@special1004: 0101-4460-1117
@special1004: 200 calls congestion!!! Thank you for your endless concern..^^ Let’s talk on the phone later!! 010-4460-1117

@AllRiseSilver: @Heedictator What I want to ask is. By doing that, what do you think Heenim.. no, Sulli.. no, SulHee gets out of this?

@special1004: My phone hung because of the sudden call overload..ㅋㅋㅋ Everyone take a rest for a while tooㅋㅋㅋ

@special1004: 010-4460-1117 It’s popular star Leeteuk’s handphone number!! It’s 100% real.. So don’t get fooled by fake numbers from now on and contact me via this number please..

@Heedictator: @AllRiseSilver Thank you for taking care of me all the time oppa~! I’m so touch by that that it covers my eyes!ㅠㅠ World anchovy Eunhyuk!!

@AllRiseSilver: @Heedictator Alright Sulli ah, it would be good to see you working hard for everything all the time! I'll cheer for you. Fighting!^^

@special1004: Later I’ll have practice then go to Kona Beans for my part time job.. If you want to see the hottie part-timer, come!!

@special1004: Due to the overload my phone died…

@Heedictator: About Me.I know I’m pretty myself too, but I don’t understand why people adore me for that. Aren’t people like singers supposed to be pretty in the first place? There are many prettier people than me in our church, but why am I the only one called cute and pretty? I really detest that characteristic about people. When I tell them my name, they even say that my name is pretty… Am I really pretty?!

@realjonghyun90: @Heedictator: Hello! It’s f(x)’s Sulli!” Sulli-yah I’m Amber! This is hard, I don’t understand how to use Twitter

@Heedictator: Ah Amber-unnie! Unnie started twitter too huh!! ㅎㅎ RT @realjonghyun90: Sulli-yah I’m Amber~

@realjonghyun90: @Heedictator ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I’m going to faint

@Heedictator: Aaack!! That’s not good oppaㅠㅠ If you collapseㅠㅠ RT @realjonghyun90 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I’m going to faint

@Heedictator: I’m Kim Heechul. Leeteuk’s phoneㅋㅋ Saying it’s April Fools Day, he uploaded his real phone numberㅋㅋ And his phone brokeㅋㅋ As expected, Leeteuk is the real cunning oneㅋㅋ It has to be to this extent to be called an April Fools joke.. Can’t win this.. What should I do..

@donghae861015: @special1004 Teukie-hyung I’ll call you later ^^ I knew this after I saw the article! So this is hyung’s numberㅎ Your 1 million followers will give Teukie-hyung 1 million calls today, CALL^^
@donghae861015: 010-4460-1117 Leeteuk

@special1004: I’m answering all the calls ^^

@BoAkwon: @Heedicator ㅋㅋㅋ As expected SuJu is on a different scale..!!

@donghae861015: Donghae’s room revealed!!

@donghae861015: Eunhyuk’s passionate look when working!! I love you!! As our member, I’m proud of you!!^^

@ryeong9: Dirty — “@donghae861015: Eunhyuk’s passionate look when working!!“

@AllRiseSilver:@ryeong9: Dirty — “@donghae861015: Eunhyuk’s passionate look when working!!”" enthusiastic look from Ryeowook… scary ^^

@special1004: Since I’m getting calls for the first time in a while, I’m happy~^^ But today I found out.. Even though you get 5000 KakaoTalk messages, it can’t exceed 999 and missed calls don’t exceed 99. ㅋㅋ But right now my phone is simmering at the point of exploding so I can’t do anything with it ㅋㅋㅋ

@Heedictator: Between two variables x and y, when y is fixed by x changing in any range, the word for y about x. the expression y is a function of x is y=f(x)

@Heedictator: @AllRiseSilver @ryeong9 @donghae861015 Dislike.. So scary so scary!! 

@Heedictator: The hair style that i most like is Heechul’s !!^^ Hee oppa zzang!! hehe~

@Heedictator: Oppa!! How to do, I said it too severe.. Heug.. So bad.. RT @defconn1: Sulli-ah!  Today you talk a little bit poison? It will be great if not playing with Heechul

@AllRiseSilver: Proud of Lee Donghae’s passionate looks so lovely

@ryeong9: If you remove his makeup, this look and that look is exactly the same! @AllRiseSilver

@donghae861015: Dear Kyu^^ always be grateful and love you ㅎㅎㅎ

@donghae861015: @sungho0716 have been doing hard ^^ i miss you pastor nim ^^

@special1004: 5000 messages..1000 katalk(messages)..and until video calls!!^^thank you for calling me from all parts of the world^^ phone repeatedly got blown out from the overload ㅋㅋ a picture of after my number got revealed ㅋㅋㅋ

@AllRiseSilver: Doesn’t the hair color look like a moss

@Heedictator: Donghae oppa is changing! Donghae oppa is change to transfiguration with the sad eyes! Changing! Let it transfiguration! The handsome of Donghae is changing! Transfiguration and transfiguration! RT @donghae861015 transfiguration… (The sound of transfiguration is similar crazy)

@ryeong9:  Wanted hyungnims concert^^ I (am) going ㅋㅋ in the midst of looking forward to being moved kyakya ~

@special1004: Now my phone has blown out and won’t turn on ㅋㅋㅋ today if everyone enjoyed I am okay~now tidy up today’s things and carry today’s energy and have a energetic Monday!!!!^^always carry brightness and affirmation fighting!!!!!!^^

@Heedictator: Ah it’s not fun nowㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

@Heedictator: Ok^-^ Oppa’s words are always the truth!! RT @guitarjm Sulli-yah if you play together with trashy adults you will become like that!

@Heedicator: Sulli is leaving now~!! Good

@Heedictator: Good

@Heedictator: Night

@Heedictator: Good Night

@Heedictator: Hello this is Space Big Star Kim Heechul. Thank you if you enjoyed today thanks to me, and if you felt annoyed because of me, I send you words of apology and put an end to it here. I already talked about this with Sulli beforehand so you don’t have to worry about how Sulli feels^-^ Well then, sleep well

@Heedictator: Lastly, uploading my Mr. Simple jacket photo~ Let April too be filled with good things only ^-^

@ryeong9: Endlessly touched Ha Dong Gyun sunbae's feelings, Nae Gyoju-nim's hoobae Jaesuk sunbae-nim's falsettos, Jeon Sanghwan sunbae-nim's eloquence and even down to the surprise event, wow ^^ Wanted~~ You thought I was joking about going since it's April Fools right? I went and came back~  Today Sukira live broadcast ^o~

@ryeong9: Sorry~~ sorry~~~~~ “@Jinnmeow: @ryeong9 I really thought there was live broadcast today;;;; Ryeowook you’re mean!!!”

@special1004: End!!!!! Now back to my life !!!!!

Thanks! Annyeongggg ~~~ ^^

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