Apr 29, 2012

Super Junior and I

In the year 2009, everybody knows Sorry, Sorry. I also heard about Super Junior from Sorry, Sorry. However, during Sorry, Sorry era, I only interested in SS501 because they got handsome Kim Hyun Joong right?


That’s why until now I regret. I kept blaming myself. How come I overlooked into this super awesome Korean group? Why did I so blind and deaf and ignored Sorry, Sorry that time? Stupid me! I should become an ELF earlier!

“Doesn’t matter if you’re not an ELF from the beginning, but the most important is to become an ELF till the end.”

That’s how it works for me to heal myself.

I was first introduced a suju video by my sister, Wany around December 2010. In the video, suju sang Bonamana live with a very lively out loud fan chant (I didn’t even know the fans called ELF that time).

At first, I wasn’t interested at all to watch but since my sister wanted me to watch it, I tried not to disappoint her. After two seconds (yes, after two seconds because I said I wasn’t interested at all), the first thing I said to my sister was: “Nah… they must be miming…” with a boring face.

Ok now my ELFriends going to hate me. But please read my whole story first. Hehe.

Hearing that, my sister quickly turned and stared at me just like evil maknae Kyuhyun always did (Because she’s a Gamers) then she shouted: “WATCH IT TILL IT END BEFORE YOU SAID SOMETHING LIKE THAT!” I was so shocked and it was really scary…hoho… So I just watched quietly besides her.

After the first 20 seconds, guess what? I was like hypnotized by this group! I was immediately fallen in love with Bonamana and their dance moves and their manly-lovely voice! And what fascinating me was that they wasn’t miming at all!

With my jaw dropped, I said to my sister “Oh my God how did they sing and dance really well???! They're so amazing!!!”

With her smirked, my sister answered: “See… I told you to watch first. Now you know why, right?”

Then my sister showed me No Other live concert. In the video, my eyes captured by a SuJu member that looked like a girl and he was really pretty. I wondered why fans shouted crazily at a girl-like man? There must be something about him!

So I started to search more about Super Junior, finding out their profiles and 'accidentally' fell in love with Kim Heechul, that girl-like man! Haha. It's my destiny to fall in love with him right?

"I fell in love with him from No Other live video and I’ll never forget that."

Kim Heechul has complicated personalities to understand. This man isn’t girl-like at all. He just loves to be pretty! He is crazy! He is cute! Being born on 1983, he even aged backwards! Hehe.

Pretty Cinderella

Handsome Kim Heechul

On 1st September 2011, Heechul went for military service and will be back in September 2013. Since he met with an accident in 2006, he just need to undergo public service and live a normal citizen life instead of staying in the military camp. 

We are so lucky to see him every Friday live on air because he become DJ for Sung Dong Cafe radio station as a part of his public service. Aigoo. If you want me to talk about Heechul, there will no end of this post. Haha. I’m so in love with this man <3

Actually, before I knew Kim Heechul, I only recognized Shindong because he’s chubby. Talking about Shindong, that’s another reason why I wanted to know more about SuJu. For SuJu, size doesn’t even matter. They use their talents to stand on stage and ignores what other people want to talk bad about them. But now Shindong is getting more handsome. So, watch out antis!

Until early 2011, it was still hard for me to recognize each SuJu members with their names because there were too many of them. So I downloaded a lot - I mean: A LOT - of pictures of SuJu members. Then I found a group picture with their names on it so I made it as my handphone screen wallpaper. 

"Thanks to this picture editor; because of you I memorized SJ members’ names and faces by heart!"

After watching more videos and reality shows, I never get bored of Super Junior. I learned that their brotherhood is priceless and is real! They love each other so much and cannot be separated because they had gone through so much pain before début and in their early début.

I also learned about SuJu amazing leader, Leeteuk, the best leader for all groups in the world. This fact is undeniable because SuJu has so many members which is 13 and he manages to handle all of them without any fail. Even members agree with the fact that they love and respect Leeteuk so much! 

Leeteuk always shows bright smile even with tight schedule and stressful idol life. Omg. He's going to military service this year...just thinking about this already make me cry! Oppa, please be healthy!

From a group of 12 in 2005, Kyuhyun then joined make SuJu permanent as 13 members. They debut on 6 November 2006 and it has been 6 years now. I was so sad to know that there was an issue between Hankyung, a Chinese SuJu member, with SM Entertainment which made him leave the group. Luckily he is really successful now in China.

Kibum also leave the group because he has passion in acting. Now the active members are only 9 persons because Heechul is in public service and Kangin just come back on 16 April 2012 from military service and wait for official comeback with the other members.

There is also a sub-unit of SuJu called Super Junior-M with two other members which is Zhoumi and Henry. If combine with both of them, there'll be 15 members of SuJu as a family ^^

"No matter what, ELF always promise to believe the 13 members forever, and 15 as a family ^^; "

Super Junior is not just a group of handsome boy that dance and sing for popularity. They really appreciate their fans, EverLasting Friends, and shows their love towards us in their songs, twitter and even press conferences. Number of ELF around the world is not thousands, but millions! And we love each other unconditionally because of Super Junior!

"ELF is the best fandom ever. Our blood is Sapphire Blue and our heart is Super Junior"

This is how my amazing life as a fan girl started and I don't think it's going to end. Become one out of million ELF, I am really proud of it. I met a lot of awesome Malaysian ELFriends like Ct NaDira, Shikin Aziz, Angah Yesung, Fafa Kyunhae, Nurul Jannah, Nisa Elf and others (mianeyo too many to mention here) and also ELFriends from S'pore, Indonesia, London and many more. Now I'm an admin for a page in FB: Super Junior For All and this page receives a lot of love from ELF around the world!

"If I get marry, I'll pass the story of Super Junior to all my children and grandchildren so that they know about this amazing people. Super Junior is not an ordinary singer, but a Great Legend!"

"They teach us to believe in God, to love our parents, family and friends, to work hard in order to success, and to never give up in life even once!"

Live your life to the fullest ^^

Thank You Super Junior!!!

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nice nice nice memories with super junior... it's good u post this.. the memory will stay here

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