Nov 24, 2012

Caramel My Life ^,^

Lalala~~~ I made this today! Neomu massita! ^^ Cuba la buat sendiri, senang je! ^^


5 sudu besar gula halus
2 sudu besar air

3 biji telur
2 biji kuning telur
5 sudu besar gula halus
1 tin (400 ml) susu sejat
2 sudu kecil esen vanila

Cara membuatnya:


1. Cairkan gula dengan 1 sudu besar air dalam kuali. Kacau sampai gula sedikit perang. Tambah lagi 1 sudu besar air dan kacau samapi perang. Awas jangan sampai hangus!

2. Tuang caramel dalam loyang acuan dengan segera. Caramel akan mengeras. Ketepikan loyang.


1. Kacau semua telur dengan perlahan dan masukkan gula sedikit demi sedikit. Kacau perlahan-lahan jangan sampai berbuih.

2. Panaskan susu sejat sehingga 60'c (suam). Jangan sampai mendidih! Kacau bersama esen vanila.

3. Tuang susu perlahan-lahan ke dalam campuran telur dan gula. Kacau sebati.

4. Tuang semua campuran ke dalam acuan berisi caramel tadi. Tutup acuan dengan 2 lapis aluminium foil. Kukus selama 30 minit.

5. Lepas kukus, biarkan 5-10 minit kemudian baru buka aluminium foil. Simpan dalam peti sejuk.

Dah sejuk? Siap untuk dimakan! Hehehe... selamat mencuba! ^_^

2012 Year End Desktop Calendar

Nov 19, 2012

Eunhyuk-IU Selca :(


That day IU came to Hyuk's house for whatever reason (her pajamas can be 

casual top too rite?). When she arrived, Hyuk was sleeping on the couch. As 

we know they were close, IU maybe woke him up and just for fun, she took 

selca with sleepy Hyuk.

I consider IU came to Hyukppa house coz I believe I saw she sling a handbag 

on her shoulder. Plus,the couch seems similar with the one at Hyukppa house 

which aired in Star Life Theater. 

Furthermore, if Hyukppa was at IU house,why should he slept on someone's 

couch (i said slept bcoz i can see eye wax in Hyukppa eyes) while visiting 

someone who said was sick? (Loen Ent explanation totally ridiculous after 


To prove that IU came to Hyukppa's house that day, a netizen (who suddenly 

became a CIA agent-LOL) already posted the reflection image inside IU's eye 

which showing lamps at Hyukppa's house.

Conclusion: For the above explanation, i can say that IU/LoenEnt lied bcoz 

she felt ashamed of being wearing pajamas to someone's house (as she 

already posted her top as pajamas 60days before). So she said Hyuk came to 

her house when she was sick.

I dont to blame IU/LoenEnt but as to prove my innocent Hyukjae oppa, I 

believe my version here is almost 100% true.

I am ELF n will be forever protecting & believing my oppadeul. If they did 

mistake they will instantly apologize. Fyi, they even did apologize for 

others' mistakes too. Coz their heart is full of pure love n sincerity.


Last night.. i was so scared to fall asleep :'( 

The night before i had a nightmare ><! In that nightmare I saw a news heechul oppa was attacked by a huge snake! Then i watch a fancam showing chul oppa wore exactly like in this pic.he got off from his car n suddenly chased by a huge snake like in anaconda! He ran back into his car but the snake broke the glass n non stop attacking him!! 

As chul oppa strugling, prince manager tried to attack the snake back n chul oppa mange to get away but badly hurt. 

Idk what happened to the mngr but in news, chul oppa still alive n hospitalized. It was really scary to watch srsly! I was crying so bad in my dream like i watch it for real. I even show the vid to my dad D:

This nightmare is crazy! Ide watch any horror movie why did i hv this dream?! Huhu.. Heenim oppa pls stay well n healthy. We love you! :'''(((

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