Nov 19, 2012


Last night.. i was so scared to fall asleep :'( 

The night before i had a nightmare ><! In that nightmare I saw a news heechul oppa was attacked by a huge snake! Then i watch a fancam showing chul oppa wore exactly like in this pic.he got off from his car n suddenly chased by a huge snake like in anaconda! He ran back into his car but the snake broke the glass n non stop attacking him!! 

As chul oppa strugling, prince manager tried to attack the snake back n chul oppa mange to get away but badly hurt. 

Idk what happened to the mngr but in news, chul oppa still alive n hospitalized. It was really scary to watch srsly! I was crying so bad in my dream like i watch it for real. I even show the vid to my dad D:

This nightmare is crazy! Ide watch any horror movie why did i hv this dream?! Huhu.. Heenim oppa pls stay well n healthy. We love you! :'''(((

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