Dec 28, 2011

Super Junior 2012 Wallpaper Calendar

Hi dear netizens!

Today my post will be in English so I'll become more international. Peace (^^)y

How are you??? I hope you're doing well!

2011 will end here I'm sharing with all of you Super Junior's January 2012 Calendar, specially edited by me myself. Check this out! But sorry I'm not giving you other months calendar because I just want to be stingy. HAHAHAHA! (maybe next post, ok?)

By the way, thanks to for sharing precious Super Junior Angels HQ photos with ELFs like me (^____^)

For your info, although I don't understand the language using in but since I'm Heechul bias, so is the website I love the most! Thanks again dear!

Please take this with full credits...I'm begging you...hohoho...

Credits: BlueHee, Sup3rJunior, MissXidi

Thanks, take care & happy new year!!! (Why am I so excited today? Haha.)


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Honey Kumicky said...

wa..full of korean it babe..

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