Jun 3, 2010

Do You Come Here Often?

Assalamualaikum...pagi yang penuh berkat ni aku nak umumkan jualan novel kesayangan aku yang bertajuk "Do You Come Here Often". Cuma RM25.00 jer...kalo kat kedai MPH ke..Popular ke...RM35.90. Baru lagi novel ni n very interesting. 4.5 stars rated by international readers!
Nape nak jual?? Nak pakai duit sket..very urgent.huhu. Spe2 yang berminat bleh call 013-2225642 ok! Bawah ni sinopsis novel. Kalo nak tgk review readers, klik sini.

Do You Come Here Often?
What becomes of the broken-hearted?
Grace was only a teenager when she first had her heart broken by Jimi. But since then she's moved on and is engaged to Spencer, her Mr Right. Or is he?
You give love a bad name
Jimi has moved on too. He's getting married to Kylie. Until she jilts him days before their wedding...
More than a feeling?
So when Grace and Jimi bump into each other in their thirties they never expected to be single again. And they never expected to become the best of friends. But is that all there is between them? One thing is for sure - as the radio plays its late-night love songs, one girl is about to find out that the best lines can actually be the ones you write yourself...

"A romantic comedy that looks at being single again, finding true love and how it can all get very, very complicated..."(Hodder, January 2010)


intanurulfateha (◡‿◡✿) said...

.i da lme x bce buku@novel slaen dr buku study i

missxidi said...

@intan: nnt dah habis blaja msti ggt jari xtau nak baca buku ape.. (^__^)

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